Gangs, dames, and neural mainframes. Chea, homie.



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Chapter One: Quincey on Patrol

Quincey Bayker thinks he's solved the case of the decade! But the culprits aren't keen on facing justice. . .

Chapter Two: Partying With Echo Sqad

Quincey's Echo Squadron gets ambushed by mysterious foes. . .

Chapter Three: The Wicked Ones

The squad closes in on the ones behind the mech assault!

Chapter Four: The Mysterious Dr. Stucko

Dr. Stucko is trying to get away. And The Echos are in danger of losing their bounty to another Jr. squad!


Summaries of previous events in the story

Chapter Six : XXZ

Master Odious, Gabe, and Venus Five attempt to rendezvous with Quincey, Travis, and Viola at the porn theater. Things sour up for The Echos when new threats appear.